by S.N. Ramkumar

Drenched in the drift of life,

Chasing the truth in realms of life:

You still stand beside the mirage -

As it skips and smirks at you.

Fathoms below the depth of blue

And the withered winking stars of dark

As you search by,

It skips and Smirks at you.

Search it, in the lusty eyes of the lovely ones and the tender hymns of lullabies, As you reach it

It skips and smirks at you.

Through the panes, over which the dribbling dews etch unknown sketch, the dazzling silver rays

Wakes you up to the race of life.  You leap to the burning lamp And lie, a lifeless soul!  It was a skip and smirk!

As a lonely lad You see the single, muddy path. endless - tearing through the lush of green.

Conscience in debt, the hope driven dawns and wine driven dusks lead you to past, when you really smiled at the sweetest

and dreamt of the dearest.

And as past and future Lets your chariot of present, for the race,

You still stand beside the mirage - as it skips and smirks at you, For, Tranquillity rests in tears.

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