• Annual kick off meeting in early spring


  • Publication of the Plamleaf-KALA's inhouse Magazine
  • Organise symposiums & discussions on Kerala arts and literature
  • A front-runner in promoting Kerala Arts, Literature & Culture



The Quill

Kala's internal magazine

Kala UK - Goals

The association was formed in 1996 with the goals of:
1. Promoting Kerala’s rich cultural heritage and to help the younger generation to build a strong awareness of their roots.
2. Developing a network of families who share the same values and beliefs thereby creating the younger generation an opportunity to develop an interest in Kerala’s unique art forms.
3. Interacting closely with Kerala’s artistic and literary scene to ensure that the Malayali community in the UK stays up to date with the cultural developments in Kerala.

Data Privacy

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Literary Evening

Is a  friendly meeting of the Kala family and a unique opportunity to showcase your creative energy by speaking on a chosen topic. One may choose to speak or come along and interact with the speakers. Those wishing to speak on the day, have to do so on the chosen topic for a maximum of 10 minutes following which there will be a couple of minutes interaction with the audience. One may speak in either Malayalam or English, what is important is that you convey your thoughts clearly to the audience. Children who wish to speak do not have to stick to the chosen topic.  As this is a popular event, if interested to speak, please make sure that you inform the literary day coordinator early. Artistic and Craftwork by Kala members will also be displayed on the day.
The event includes evening tea and dinner.

Kala Walk

Charity Walk

Kala Cricket

Kala Cricket and Onam

Kala Annual Day

  • KALA Annual Day in late autumn-The Grand Finale

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