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Kala UK – Our Mission

The association was formed in 1996 with the goals of:
  1. Promoting Kerala’s rich cultural heritage and to help the younger generation to build a strong awareness of their roots.
  2. Developing a network of families who share the same values and beliefs thereby creating the younger generation an opportunity to develop an interest in Kerala’s unique art forms.
  3. Interacting closely with Kerala’s artistic and literary scene to ensure that the Malayali community in the UK stays up to date with the cultural developments in Kerala.


A formal business-like session is where the executive committee (Excom) of KALA shares with its members, the financial performance as well as the progress & plan for KALA activities. KALA thanks the services of any outgoing Excom members as well as appoint & welcome new Excom members. New KALA members are also introduced and welcomed at this session.

An informal entertainment-filled session is where our in-house artists of all ages and abilities get to showcase their talents. Often this session serves as the springboard in the lead up to their performance at the premium event of KALA i.e the annual day.


  • Publication of the Plamleaf-KALA’s inhouse Magazine
  • Organise symposiums & discussions on Kerala arts and literature
  • A front-runner in promoting Kerala Arts, Literature & Culture
Charity Raised
Raised for the Kerala flood victims in October 2018
Charity Raised
For Parity for Disability


Nadumuttam is one of the KALA literary activities which was started in March 2012. This name was proposed and formally announced by one of the esteemed contemporary Malayalee poets Shri Chowalloor Krishnan Kutty in 2011.

‘Nadumuttam’ is still an integral part of Malayalee Nostalgia broadly translated as Inner Courtyard with fresh air and good light wherein the olden days of joint families, the members used to get together to discuss family matters. The name aptly reflects the mood during these meetings which are hosted in a family atmosphere in the members’ homes taking turns. This informal group initially consisted of 12 members which have progressively grown over these years when the words spread about its attractions.  The members consist of all age groups and from all background with some born and brought up outside Kerala but interested in both old and contemporary literature.

The general format is as follows: suggestions are invited via the group email for a host and books to discuss. Once a book is selected based on recommendations from the members, the copies are obtained from Kerala and circulated amongst the members for reading to get maximum participation during the discussions. As the group evolved, it became a norm to contact the author for a skype or telephonic discussion about the book.  Some of the authors who have participated in Nadumuttam discussions include Benyamin, TD Ramakrishnan and Sara Joseph.

The meeting usually starts at 3 PM (time also convenient for the authors based in India) and finishes by 6 PM. Based on our experience, all the authors who have participated in these discussions value the interest shown by the participants and appreciated the love for the Malayalam literature. A film review has also become an integral part of these meetings which has also provided a variety for the mixed group of participants.

The Quill

Quill’, the biannual KALA e-newsletter is an in-house publication issued first in the summer followed by one in winter. With goals to ‘Inform, Educate and Entertain’, Quill’s content is exclusively contributed by KALA members and intended for KALA readership. Features include summaries of past events, details of future events,  members’ accomplishments and participation in activities, news and updates. Quill editors strive to be inclusive by encouraging new and young contributors within the KALA family.

Literary Evening

Is a  friendly meeting of the Kala family and a unique opportunity to showcase your creative energy by speaking on a chosen topic. One may choose to speak or come along and interact with the speakers. Those wishing to speak on the day, have to do so on the chosen topic for a maximum of 10 minutes following which there will be a couple of minutes interaction with the audience. One may speak in either Malayalam or English, what is important is that you convey your thoughts clearly to the audience. Children who wish to speak do not have to stick to the chosen topic.

As this is a popular event, if interested to speak, please make sure that you inform the literary day coordinator early. Artistic and Craftwork by Kala members will also be displayed on the day.

The event includes evening tea and dinner.

Kala Family Day

Kala Family Day is an informal picnic day of gathering of Kala members, friends and guests on a Saturday during the month of July.  We attempt to fill the day with lots of fun, food & drinks, sports/group activities, gossips etc.   Now you see,  ‘walk’,  is an optional item in the list, just to keep up with tradition! We select a Park/Greenland area for picnic and gatherings under the shades within around an hour’s driving distance from central London with parking and public transport.

The ‘walk’ normally starts around by 10:30 am, led by our Patron.  From 12-2pm,  picnic lunch time together where all families would have arrived with lovely home cooked food, share them as they wish to, and be shared. From around 2 pm, there is playtime for kids,  antaksharis, quiz, informal group activities may start depending on the general mood and wind down the day by around 5-5.30pm.

Kala Annual Day

  • KALA Annual Day in late autumn-The Grand Finale
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