Dr. G. Shankar

Dr. G. Shankar  received his degree in architecture from the College of Engineering in Thiruvananthapuram and later an M.S. in architecture from the Birmingham School of Architecture in the U.K.,

With a career spanning over three decades, G. Shankar has earned international recognition for his pioneering efforts in sustainable architecture.

As the founder of the Habitat Technology Group, a renowned non-profit organization committed to sustainable building solutions, Shankar has been at the forefront of constructing nearly one million mass housing units and over 100,000 green buildings across multiple countries.

His architectural philosophy centers on eco-sensitivity, cost-efficiency, energy efficiency, and disaster mitigation. Shankar’s designs prioritize the use of locally available materials, reflecting his deep commitment to environmental sustainability.

What truly sets G. Shankar apart is his dedication to empowering marginalized communities to build quality homes with limited resources. Through his work, he has provided architectural assistance to individuals from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that their housing needs are met with compassion and creativity.

Shankar’s legacy extends to disaster rehabilitation projects, where he has played a pivotal role in rebuilding communities affected by tragedies such as the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and the Sri Lankan Tsunami.

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